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Australia’s Most Successful Kitchen Facelift Business

I was looking for something that was fairly early on in the life cycle in Australia, so not necessarily a fully established brand in Australia. So I was attracted by opportunities where I was, you know, fairly early on the piece of finding that, that exist in a low entry point financially and also greater opportunities as the brands grow and growth of your business and valuation of your business.

Glenn Stanton

Dream Doors Franchisee, Sunshine Coast & Moreton Bay, QLD

In the last 12 months, Dream Doors successfully completed thousands of kitchen facelifts and helped 114 franchise owners around the world make as much as $400,000. If you’ve been looking for a legitimate, high-income opportunity, this information may be of great interest to you.

Dream Doors – A Tried and Proven System Since 1999

Dream Doors Kitchens began in 1999 in Hampshire UK. Within 2 years it became the largest kitchen facelift business in the UK and continues to lead the industry in sales and innovation with more than 80 UK franchise owners.

Dream Doors launched internationally when one of the founders moved to New Zealand where there are now 10 franchises.

The Australian Master Franchisor, Cam Hadlow, became involved with Dream Doors when he started his own franchise in New Zealand. He built 2 successful Dream Doors franchises before bringing the brand to Australia.

dream doors kitchens cam hadlow

From Carpentry Apprentice To Dream Doors Owner

Head of Dream Doors Australia, Cam Hadlow, started his career as a Carpentry / Joinery / Building Apprentice in 1970 and has been involved in the building and construction industry ever since.

After growing another business to $12 million with over 60 staff, Cam was looking for a simpler business model. A friend told him about Dream Doors because one of his mates was enjoying impressive success as a Dream Doors franchise owner.

Based on his many years of experience in the building industry, and track record as a successful business owner, Cam immediately recognised the potential of Dream Doors. He particularly liked the simplicity of the concept, the proof of the tried and tested system, and the exciting potential for healthy profits.

In just over 2 years Cam started and grew 2 successful Dream Doors businesses in New Zealand. He then decided to bring the proven system to Australia and has grown the brand to 20 franchise businesses.

Dream Doors Kitchens provides stunning kitchen makeovers, faster and more affordably than any other kitchen company

What Makes Dream Doors Such A Great Business

Clients love Dream Doors because they get a stunning new kitchen without the unnecessary and exorbitant cost or inconvenience of a traditional renovation.

And Franchise Owners love it because their businesses boom with…

Thousands of delighted customers who want what Dream Doors provides
Interesting work that utilises your passions for detail, creativity, and customer service
A proven system with a leadership team 100% committed to your success
Generous profits that give you the lifestyle you’ve always wanted (with flexible hours and time and money to take back control of your life)
And all this without the headaches and hassles that come with a traditional full-renovation kitchen company.

Flexible hours and an average income of $150,000, Dream Doors franchise owners enjoy the lifestyle they’ve always wanted

Here’s What Other Australian Dream Doors Franchise Owners Say

Having your own company and being able to be a part of the entire creation process from beginning to the end is a great thing about Dream Doors business.

Tien Stafidas

Dream Doors Franchisee, Sydney South and Sutherland Shire, NSW

A Complete Success System

Many franchise businesses (even some large global companies) charge outrageous fees for their name and then provide very little in the way of training, systems, and support. And their ongoing royalties are so high they choke their franchise owners of profits. As a result, few franchise owners reach their potential, many struggles, and some fail and lose everything.

Cam was determined to give his franchise owners everything they need to succeed. So, he invested heavily in training and systems. He set franchise fees at a reasonable level so anybody could afford to join. And rather than charging a high royalty, he set a modest, fixed monthly membership fee that allows you to grow your business as much as you like without being penalised.

As a Dream Doors franchise owner, you receive the same system, training, and support that helped our current 20 Australian Dream Doors franchise owners make as much as $400,000 last year.

And you receive direct support from Cam and benefit from his 47 years of building industry knowledge, his management experience running multi-million-dollar businesses with as many as 60 staff, and his hands-on experience starting and growing 2 successful Dream Doors businesses.

Dream Doors gives you a proven system, full training, unlimited support, and generous compensation that rewards you for your efforts

Is This The Legitimate, High-Income Opportunity You’ve Been Looking For?

Are you looking for a way to escape the daily grind of the nine to five – to enjoy flexible hours and take back control of your time (your life)?…

A way to increase your income and be rewarded (and appreciated) for your efforts (without the office politics or income ceilings of a job)?…

A way to use your interests in renovation and design to build a business you can be proud of (and earn $150k-$350k at the same time)?…

And a way to secure your future in a booming market, with a proven system, and the support of 113 other franchise owners around the world who are willing to share their secrets so you can enjoy fast success too?

A Dream Doors franchise may be just what you’ve been looking for.

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