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Based in Canberra and looking to invest in a Canberra franchise business, but you’re not sure it’s worth it?

Investing in a franchise business has numerous benefits. One of which being that you are able to share a company’s brand and success. This will already give you an edge over many start-up businesses, as creating a trusted brand takes many years to develop.

Franchising is the practice of replicating a proven and trusted brand, and has a much higher success rate compared to a brand new unknown business. Replicating a brand creates less risk than if you started out on a business venture with a new brand. A study conducted by USAID showed that more than 90% of franchises were thriving and successful after 5 years, while only 20% of those who started a business from scratch succeeded. [1]

This could be your dream job! You are able to be your own boss, and the time that you spend will contribute directly towards the success of your business. You will be able to see all of your hard work paying off – and even better, the work can be done from the comfort of your home.

Owning a franchise business means that you’re not alone on your journey. The franchisors will provide you with all the support of the franchise business system. Training is also provided, meaning that you will have constant guidance and support.

The population level is one of the most important factors in the effectiveness of a franchise business. Franchise businesses for those of you in Canberra are great options seeing as Canberra is the capital city of Australia. In addition, the 2016 census recorded that you had a population of around 395,790. [2] That is a lot of business opportunities, right there. The growth rate is constant, ranging from 0.5% – 2.4%, meaning that 1,888 to 9,218 people are added to the overall population annually. [3]

Unlike larger cities, you are living in a place free from traffic pollution and stress, with many festivals, dining and shopping options, and cultural and sporting events adding flavour and fun into your city. [4]

The latest census also revealed that Canberra is now the cash capital of Australia. On average, residents earn up to $300 per week more than other Australians nationally. [5] This is all the more reason for you to consider investing in a Canberran franchise business that’s perfect for you.  

According to an article from The Australian, Canberrans also pay an average of $24,154 for kitchen renovations, which, according to the report sponsored by bathroom fittings supplier GWA, is $5000 more than the national average. It has also been found that historically, expenditure on bathroom and kitchen renovations is high in the ACT. [6] This is awesome news for anyone wanting to buy a Canberran business franchise, just look at all of that extra cash just waiting to flow into your bank account (for those who is willing to do the work)!

With people investing in apartments all over Canberra and houses being difficult to find, this is spectacular news for investors. The demand for apartments and houses are both strong. The high demand combined with scarcity means that house prices are on the uprise – the scarcer an item is, the more demand is placed upon it, the more expensive and valuable it becomes. This is fantastic news for property investors, since property has a rising demand due to the basic necessity for shelter.

The advantageous location, population, income, property investment and renovation market combined with the benefits of franchising makes Canberra franchise businesses a wise choice for investment. At this point, you’re probably interested in looking for a franchise business for sale. You don’t have to look far, since Dream Doors is offering opportunities to you right now!

If you would like to know more about Dream Doors Kitchen’s limited franchise territories available, don’t hesitate to give us a call or fill in the enquiry form.

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