Glenn Stanton

Dream Doors Franchisee - Sunshine Coast & Moreton Bay


Interview with Glenn Stanton

by Dream Doors Australia

It’s a really personal thing but I’m building a business asset for my family. We work really long hours, it’s really hard work on the first 12 months of the business but I’m doing it for my family. And we’re building a healthy, strong, profitable, high-value business assets for my family.

Glenn Stanton

Dream Doors Franchisee, Sunshine Coast & Moreton Bay, QLD

Glenn’s Case Study:

Liza: So Glenn, thank you so much for taking the time for this quick chat and sharing your experience with being part of the Dream Doors family.

Glenn: Yeah, no problems.

Liza: Great! So Glenn, can you tell me what were you doing before Dream Doors?

Glenn: I’ve done a few different things but I spent about 15 years in the media and marketing industry both here and overseas, specifically in London. And I also spent a few years in the franchise industry as a franchise development manager of a major international real estate brand as well. I was also experienced in company development before this as well.

Liza: Oh wow! So you’ve got quite a diverse experience.

Glenn: Yeah, yeah. It was the process during the franchise development manager for the real estate business that I really started to, you know, get the hunger I suppose to get into a franchise business. I knew about them for many years. I’ve been interested for many years, but that few years was really the trigger for me to try something else as the next step to actually enquire, like seriously looking at franchise opportunities and see what would stick with me and my family.

Liza: Fantastic! So you were looking because you came across franchises with your previous role and then it just triggered you. And so you just actively went out and look for an opportunity that suited you guys.

Glenn: Yeah, yeah. I mean, to be honest, we have been…we’re in the process of liquidating some investment assets and some properties overseas with an aim that we were gonna buy a business on Sunshine Coast. So I spent 12, 18 months researching, you know, what businesses were available, what they were costing, etc, etc.

I’ve been involved in business before as a minority shareholder in other businesses so I have exposure to what was required, evaluations, and stuff like that, but it was really just a research stage. So my experience in the franchise industry is really what led me to knowing what franchise was going to suit me better, and part of that was 15 years in media and marketing as well. Knowing that having the assistance that a well known trusted brand can give you over just kicking off something off your own steam is significant.

Liza: Absolutely. So were there other things you were looking for while you were looking for a franchise in Queensland, kind of like what were your criterias?

Glenn: Criteria was non-food. (laughs)

Liza: (laughs)

Glenn: That was, to be honest, that was almost my only criteria because I didn’t want something in the food industry. I didn’t want to have a cafe. I didn’t want anything like that. I was looking for something that was fairly early on in the life cycle in Australia, so not necessarily a fully established brand in Australia. So I was attracted by opportunities where I was, you know, fairly early on the piece of finding that, that exist in a low entry point financially and also greater opportunities as the brands grow and growth of your business and valuation of your business. So some that was quite young in Australia was attractive to me, and really anything where I could speak the language.

And one of the things Dream Doors offered me was because of my property development experience as well, was I understood the renovation market really well because I’ve been doing it for 15, 20 years myself. And the brand side of things satisfied, you know, that marketing side of my brain as well so, you know, that, I suppose in a nutshell, that was my criteria. Something that I understood, something that I could walk into and understand and speak the language really quickly, and also something where, frankly, the profit margins were there so I knew I was gonna get a decent return on the investment that I was gonna make into business.

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Liza: Fantastic! And non-food.

Glenn: Yeah, non-food.

Liza: (laughs) So how long have you been with Dream Doors now, Glenn?

Glenn: I’m coming up to 10 months.

Liza: Wow! Not even a year and you’re smashing it. Awesome. So can you share before coming on board with this franchise in Queensland, were there any concerns or maybe some of the concerns that you had before coming on board with Dream Doors?

My due diligence were based around profitability and the market’s acceptance of the business model.

Glenn Stanton

Dream Doors Franchisee, Sunshine Coast & Moreton Bay, QLD

Glenn: It was…there weren’t any real concerns. My due diligence were based around profitability and the market’s acceptance of the business model, so that were really the two main things that I spent time talking to other franchisees about. Profitability…was the profitability that has been spoken of on the other testimonials real? Was it achievable? Did the market accept the business model? Was there a market for it? And then the rest of it for me was my own market research in my own area and having to look at the competition in my area and what they were doing and how they were behaving. I got some quotes in my own house and had a look at how they operated and I knew it could be done better. I looked at Dream Doors and how they operated and I like the business model, I like the technology behind it, and I like the fact that I was able to be more professional than my competition in the local area.

Liza: That’s was very clever. I think what you said was spot on. So can you tell me what does a typical day look like for you now that you’re part of Dream Doors?

Glenn: Yeah. (laughs)

Liza: (laughs)

Glenn: It’s the old cliche, everyday is different but in a way, it’s not. So it’s a lot of quoting, there’s a lot of on-site work. So a typical day would start with me looking at where we are, where are our current site, talking to guys that who are on-site fitting, how are things going, how’s progress, check up on that and then the next part is hit the road and get started into the quotes that are in my diary. Then follow up on calls that’s normally done throughout the day. Few phone calls with suppliers.

Today, I just had 3 marketing calls, what am I doing to next month’s marketing, and then when I finish next quotes for instance, I’m back on the phones because my office administrator is on holiday this week. So I’ll be booking my own appointments for the afternoon and then I’m off to a KBDI events in Brisbane to talk industry and planning and stuff like that, so that’s the average day.

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Some days I would put aside to do nothing but paperworks, quoting, orders, and do some time on-site with the boys. I’ll try to be on-site somewhere on every single day on the week so that I’m constantly in front of my clients so they know I’m still there, I still love them. I’m still checking on progress on making sure that their kitchen, that they’ll end up with the quality that they would expect.

Liza: Love it. That’s awesome. So what do you love most about your Dream Doors Business, Glenn?

Glenn: I like the industry, I mean because I’ve been in property development, so I like taking something that’s rubbish and making it good. I’ve been doing it for a long time and I genuinely love giving people a great kitchen. I’m a family man, I enjoy a little bit of cooking, so I know how important the kitchen is to every family. And I love my client’s response at the end of it. I mean, I saw 2 clients yesterday and the responses were genuinely fantastic. My business and the boys who work in my business, the guys who fit the kitchen are outstanding at what they do, and my clients are really happy. And it does sound very cliche, but I love the response of my clients and I love knowing that what we’ve left behind, you know, we do new kitchens, my business completes a lot of new kitchens as well, but our face lift especially, you know, these clients are spending sometimes half the price of a new kitchen and they get what looks, feels and behaves like a brand new kitchen that’s gonna last 10, 15, 20 years plus. They’ve saved a lot of money, maybe all they had budget for. So that’s a big part of the attraction for me, and the rest of it is on building an asset, you know.

It’s a really personal thing but I’m building a business asset for my family . We work really long hours, it’s really hard work on the first 12 months of the business but I’m doing it for my family. And we’re building a healthy, strong, profitable, high-value business assets for my family.

Liza: I love it. I guess you’re happy with the decision that you’ve made with joining Dream Doors then?

Glenn: 100%. 100%.

Liza: Awesome. And last question, what kind of people do you think this business is suitable for?

Glenn: It’s suitable for people who have got high energy levels, are resilient – you’re gonna make mistakes in the first 6 months of your business and you need to be able to take a few punches. You need to be…I’m not a well organised person, I had to become a really well organised person, I had to become good at admin very, very quickly. So it would lean towards people who are well organised, good sales people because ultimately this is a sales and service industry, project management industry. People who can speak the language, people who are personable, but it really, for me, goes out to people with high energy levels and know what they want and are prepared to put the work, time and effort into it because there’s no getting around it – it is hard work.

One of the things in the kitchen industry is that there’s a lot of components, you know. So there’s a lot of opportunities to get it wrong and only one of them has to trip you over and cause you quite a few problems so, you know, it’s hard work. And for someone who is prepared to put the hard work in and do some long hours in the first 12 months particularly in the business and then after that, that knowing that the end result is gonna be, you know, a good one. It would suit people like that.

So, you know, you can’t come into a Dream Doors business thinking it’s gonna give you time to come and go as you please.

Liza: (laughs)

Glenn: It’s a business that needs you there all the time and your brain needs to be on it all the time.

Liza: Yup. Exactly. So once, you know, it’s all set up and you’ve got staff that can help take some load off you, then maybe a little down the track but like what you said, someone who’s absolutely prepared to put the effort in the first 12 months and then go from there. So yeah, I totally agree with you.

Glenn: Yeah.

Liza: Awesome.

Glenn: Finding good people is the most important part of it.

Liza: Yes. Well, you can never do it yourself, can you?

Glenn: Yeah. That’s right.

Liza: Awesome. Thanks, Glenn!

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