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Have you always wanted to have your own business, but thought that it was simply too much of a risk? A franchise business could be the perfect opportunity for you.

In the past, franchisees have decided to go down that path due to personal financial reasons, however more recently, that has not been the only reason. Franchising offers not only a more stable income, but also a lifestyle that other people can only dream of having. At Dream Doors we are offering you a great franchise business opportunity that can give you flexibility and an optimal, effective source of income. For those of you living in Tasmania, we have a franchise business for sale that you would love to manage and grow.

Most aspiring entrepreneurs struggle on the acquisition of their capital. In the past business owners have often turned to franchising to expand without the risk of debt and equity cost. [1] Entrepreneurs often face massive risk when starting a business from scratch, however buying a franchise decreases that risk and provides franchisees with optimal support, guidance and training as they learn the ropes of running a business.

When you own a franchise, you don’t have to worry about looking for and training new managers – you become the manager yourself! [2] It is rewarding to see how your work and effort directly contributes towards the success of your franchise operation.

Your hometown city of Tasmania is an amazing city to start your  business as a franchisee. The state shows promising prospects in terms of population growth, property investment and many other aspects.

According to the latest census, your home city has a population of approximately 520,100 as of March 2017. [3] The growth rate ranges from 0.29% to 1.08%, meaning that approximately 1,500 to 5,500 people are added to the population each year. [4]

Just to sneak a peek at and review your state’s lifestyle, Tasmania is gaining a positive reputation due to the growing number of visitors to the state each year. In Tasmania, there is something for everyone, whether you are more of an adventurer or more of a relaxation kind of person. Your city has a lot to offer in terms of sport, with Tasmania hosting AFL football matches, and international and domestic cricket among many other sporting events. Tasmania is also known as a food and wine-lover’s paradise. [5]

The state has the highest outright home ownership in Australia. A national report showed that Tasmania also has the highest proportion of home ownership, at 35%. Furthermore, the housing in the state is less costly than the housing in the capital cities of mainland Australia. [6]

For property investors looking for reasonably priced real estate, you should definitely utilise what your home has to offer. There is affordable real estate and higher rental yields and now it has an influx of investors and buyer’s agents. [7]

Moreover, the Housing Industry Association’s Renovations Roundup report from July 2017 revealed that the home renovation market will only grow from 2018 onwards. [8]

With this projected growth, it is definitely worthwhile to consider investing in this franchise opportunity we have available. One of the most popular areas for renovation is the kitchen, and there is no better time for you to explore our franchise business opportunity that has expanded into Tasmania than now. 

Owning a franchise business could just be your next big step. With its benefits, you should definitely look at our franchise business for sale in Tasmania. Look no further than Dream Doors’ franchise business opportunities. Feel free to contact us anytime to learn more about this franchise territory. You can call us or fill in the enquiry form.  Let us know how to reach you and we’ll respond as soon as possible.

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